We put the piggy in your middle…

 Born in Summer 2014 Bangers and Bacon was created by the awardwinning team behind Bobby’s Bangers and flamboyant creator of Flavours Found with a street food offering unlike no other, our dishes combine the quirky sausage flavours and bacon created by James and Heather at Bobby’s Bangers mixed with kitchen flair of Richard.

We aim to create interesting and quirky dishes to surprise and delight our diners, with our popular Chefs Table events, popping up at festivals, special events in and around Manchester as well as an active member of Guerrilla Eats Awardwinning street food collective and Grub. We are passionate about delicious food, fresh flavours and honest portions, we assure you our food wont leave you hungry!

 We always have something new happening, keep in touch follow us on social media or book us for your next big event.

Hope to see you soon,

Richard, James and Heather *(Heather does not like to be photographed)









2 thoughts on “We put the piggy in your middle…

  1. Hello Richard,

    A mutual contact, Thom Hetherington, suggested getting in touch. I have a venue (Mish Mash, on Beech Road in Chorlton), that I know would be ideal for pop ups and Supper Clubs, and Thom thought it may be of interest to an operator such as yourselves. If you would like to discuss this at all, please give me a call on 07786 553454? Many thanks,

    James Plant


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