Working out on the street, we are out and about and menus can change, seasons matched and dishes developed but below are a few of our Street Food Classics we are sure to have a few available. Just look out for the shed….

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart









Corn Bread, Double Bacon Chop, Mustard Pickle, Slaw

It Mush Pea Love








Ciabatta, Mushed Pea, Smoked Treacle Ham, Mint Sauce

Mac & Black






Triple Cheese Sauce, Large Mac, Smoked Bacon, Black Pudding and Secret Herb Blend

Roast on a Post







Full Roast Dinner Sausage, Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy









Choice of Banger, Choice of Mash, Choice of Gravy

The Garden Patch








Tripple Cheese, Leek and Herb Patty, Cornbread, Slaw, Mustard Pickle



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