As Bangers and Bacon we have become known around Manchester for dishes such as the ‘Don’t go Bacon my heart’, ‘Mush Pea-love’ and Mutha-porker. However it is our latest project that we hope sparks your interest and wets your appetite; the Bangers and Bacon Chef’s Table at Guerrilla Eats, part of Manchester’s multi-award-winning street food collective. Guerilla Eats has recently found a new home in The Wonder Inn, an 1810, grade 2-listed building. For its 12-week residency we have created an alternative dining experience.

Within the classic street food party mayhem, traders offer delicious food from all over the globe; art instillations and great music line ups. In this amazing setting we have created something unique to the north; a full service pop-up restaurant space within a warehouse! The rest of the street food party falls into a murmur in the background, as diners enter the Chefs Table area, ready to devour a five course piggy filled, Fine-dine menu, without the constraints! Our home made bangers or bacon (sometimes both) is the star of every course (including dessert) and we serve it to your table!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.17.06

We create a unique menu weekly, the first of which featured pig’s cheeks, belly and porchetta; homemade black pudding wontons and quails egg scotch eggs wrapped in our Toulouse sausage and coated in crispy bacon, paco crumb. The only course that remains on our menu weekly is the ‘pig, pickle and pate platter.’ Although the items on it change (Bacon Jam, Marmite bacon pate, smoked semi-cured Italian sausage, cured treacle ham, jowl bacon, to name a few) we always offer a sharing platter to begin, this way our guests get to introduce themselves around the table; entering as strangers and leaving as friends.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.53.09

Our guests seated at two long tables that reach off either side of the very open kitchen seat up to 30 people. The Chef’s Table offers diners the comforts of a restaurant, with the drama and entertainment of ‘street food. Diners get to savour every moment of the action, as they watch us create each dish in front of their eyes. Guests are amused by the chef’s banter and the precision of every dish. They enthuse about the live cooking experimentation. Banger’s and Bacon aim for guests to leave having been fed, intrigued and entertained.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.53.00

Once the desserts are served diners continue the evening enjoying the merriment of the event at one of the bars.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.52.49

With only 60 seats a night served in two sittings of 30, one at 6pm and again at 9pm tickets don’t last long and can be purchased through Eventbrite or the links at the side of this page.

Want more information, check out this review from WOW 24/7 


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